Gibson Les Paul Gold top 1954 Gold "Artie'

Image of Gibson Les Paul Gold top 1954 Gold "Artie'

Make: Gibson

Model: Les Paul

Year: 1954

Case: Original Hardshell


Pickups: 2 P90's

Neck Measurements:

1st FRET 3/64 .025
7Th FRET 5/64
12Th FRET 6/64 .100
17th FRET .090

Truss Rod: Good

The Revolution Guitar is proud to present this 1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop in great condition AKA "Artie". This beauty is a one owner, under the bed gem that was purchased right here in Chicago. "Artie" is a beast and plays amazing. The top has a glow to it that only a vintage goldtop can produce with some checking, and occasional scratches..No Breaks or Cracks. Everything on the guitar is original. "Artie" was sketched on to the original pickgaurd, which is missing the brace to hold it. The pots have no markings and are untouched. The guitar may need a recap, as the originals have exceeded their life expectance. The switch works great. The original P90s produce a sound that is hard to replicate. They have a nice high end chime with a robust bottom end. The guitar literally, hums like the sound of angles in a choir. In this day and age these one owner, "under the bed" guitars rarely come up..and when they do,,well they don't last..But we really don't mind if this gem does.